The Special Trees of West Hill Project

West Hill is a woodland village. Most houses are screened by hedges and tree-lined banks providing a high degree of privacy and creating the rural, wooded character that we all appreciate.

Some trees are protected by Tree Preservation Orders, which prohibits even minor works without planning permission. But what about the rest? Groups of trees or individual trees may not in themselves be special but their removal would nevertheless destroy the woodland character of West Hill.

And so a group of volunteers, promoted by the former Residents’ Association, began a project to survey the trees and hedgerows of the village and record those within and around the village which are thought worthy of special note and which contribute to the woodland character. It is hoped that by singling out these “special” trees, residents will come to appreciate their contribution to our community and help to protect them, thus safeguarding our woodland village for future generations.

The project, known as the “Special Trees of West Hill” (or STOWH) Project has been several years in the making and aims to produce a document (on-line and/or hard copy) detailing the trees within and around the village which are thought worthy of special note and protection. It will eventually include and provide links to advice on how they can be protected, maintained and when necessary replaced with new trees.

As the report is rather bulky, due to the number of maps within it, we have divided it up to make it easier to view. Just click on the links to open each section in PDF format:

Introduction, methodology, key to symbols (Start with this section so the maps make sense)

Map 1 - West Hill Road - garage end

Map 2 - West Hill Road - Harewood to Silver Birches

Maps 3 and 4 - West Hill Road - war memorial area, Beech Park/Ashley Brake area

Maps 5 and 6 - West Hill Road - Warren Park/Eastfield area and Needlewood Close area

Maps 7 and 8 - West Hill Road - Eymore Drive area and western end of WH Rd

Map 9 - Lower Broad Oak Road north

Map 10 - Lower Broad Oak Road - Spindle Tree Cottage to Elsdon Lane

Map 11 - Lower Broad Oak Road - Elsdon Lane to Badgers Bend

Maps 12 and 13 - Lower Broad Oak Road - Badgers Bend to The Pygthle and Hawkins Lane area

Map 14 - Lower Broad Oak Road - Birchbank/Pinehayes

Map 15 - Lower Broad Oak Road south

Maps 16, 17 and 18 - Ford Lane east, central and west

Maps 19, 20 and 21 - Hawkins Lane east, central and west

Map 22 - Heather Grange

Map 23 - Warren Close

Maps 24, 25 and 26 - Higher Broad Oak Road north, central and south

Map 27 - Birch Grove

Map 28 - White Farm Lane east

Map 29 - White Farm Lane west

Map 30 - High Bank east

Map 31 - High Bank west

Map 32 - Toorak Lane

Map 33 - Hylands Close

Map 34 - Brackendown north side

How you can help

Do you have a favourite tree, or perhaps lots of favourites, that you would like to see included in the survey? If so, please provide the details of where it is and what variety it is, so the STOWH volunteers can make sure that it is included in the survey. The survey as prepared only includes trees that are visible to the public from the roads.

You can phone:

Eileen Perkins (Tree Warden) 01404 815905 or Councillor Alan Cook 01404 813675

Or leave the details at the Post Office, in McColl’s, marked “Special Trees”

We look forward to hearing from you.