TRIP - Helping people in West Hill. Spread the word!

TRIP are a very friendly charity with many volunteers offering support across East Devon.

Many people in West Hill are registered with TRIP and frequently use their services.  Do you know anyone who could use any of the following TRIP services?  Why not print off the TRIP leaflet  and spread the word......

  • Ring & Ride
  • Wheel chair friendly transport
  • shopping trips
  • travel to medical appointments, opticians, dentists and many more
  • mobility equipment and living aids

They are very helpful and have lots of useful information.

This year they have a new project – ‘Winter Friendship Group’. This service is designed to help reduce isolation for people of all ages, particularly those who live in remote areas and might struggle during this period. Through a series of weekend day trips, they hope to alleviate the effects of isolation. More information can be found online or on the TRIP leaflet

To contact TRIP phone 01404 46529   or  via their website






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