West Hill planning applications

Planning applications in West Hill


19/0211/FUL Rylands, Hawkins Lane, EX11 1XG Alterations and extensions to existing bungalow comprising demolition of existing conservatory and flat roofed garage and construction of new garage; porch and dining room extensions with new pitched roof over part existing and new build areas to allow for provision of rooms in roofspace; associated works

19/0161/FUL Workshop at the Old Village Hall, West Hill Road Change of use from workshop to residential including first floor and roof extension to form a 2 bed dwelling with integral garage

19/0069/FUL Arborfield, West Hill Road, EX11 1UZ  Construction of detached dwelling and driveway and demolition of existing garages

18/2885/FUL 14 Ashley Brake, EX11 1TW Construction of side extension and enlarged dormer window.

18/2893/PDP The Pygthle, Lower Broad Oak Road EX11 1UZ Prior Approval for a Change of Use from storage (Class B8) to a use falling within Class C3 (dwelling houses)

18/2872/FUL 1 Moorlands, EX11 1UL  Construction of first floor extension to rear

18/2749/TRE Wynford, Lower Broad Oak Road, EX11 1UF Remove three lateral limbs to re balance the tree; remove the remains of a torn limb due to storm damage; reduce the crown by 15%; dead wood as necessary

18/2678/FUL Parsonage House Bendarroch Road EX11 1UR >Glass balustrade to rear (revisions to 18/1481/FUL)

18/2624/TRE 11 Moorlands EX11 1UL T1 Oak  Crown lift over garden reducing lateral branches and removing epicormic growth from stem, to give 4.5m clearance from ground level.

18/2594/TRE 14 Warren Park EX11 1TN  T2 White Oak fell due to excessive shading to garden and more significantly causing poor light quality to property - and close proximity to building with branches of the tree overhanging the building.

18/2499/TRE Pinnerwood 5 Brackendown  EX11 1NT Tree works to front of property

18/2472/FUL The Moor Lower Broad Oak Road EX11 1UF Construction of glass canopy to side/rear elevation

18/2484/FUL The Lawns West Hill Road EX11 1UZ Retention of first floor extension (revised scheme to 17/2516/FUL).

18/2375/TRE Pennyfield West Hill Road  EX11 1UZ  4.5 metres overhanging drive and entrance to drive

18/2478/PDQ The Pygthle Lower Broad Oak Road EX11 1XQ  >Prior approval for proposed change of use of agricultural building ('Middle Pigsty' to form 2 no. dwellings (Use Class C3) and associated operational development.

18/2463/PDQ The Pygthle Lower Broad Oak Road EX11 1XQ  Prior approval for proposed change of use of agricultural building (East Pigsty) to form no1 dwelling (Use Class C3) and associated operational development

18/2465/PDQ The Pygthle Lower Broad Oak Road EX11 1XQ  >Prior approval for change of use of agricultural building (West Pigsty) to form no1 dwelling (Use class C3) and associated operational development

18/2425/FUL Meadowgate West Hill Road EX11 1UZ  Retention of removal of front garden and construction of garage to front

18/2402/TRE Touch Wood 3 Hylands Close Higher Broad Oak Road EX11 1XJ  >Oak (T3) - crown lift to 3m above ground level removing branches less than 50 mm diameter because of excessive shading. Oak (T4) - coppice existing pollarded tree with low amenity value to approximately 0.3 m above bank ground level. Both of the above actions recommended by EDDC LPA officer during site visit on 17 October 2018.

18/2374/FUL Higher Fluxton Cottage Higher Metcombe EX11 1SL Raising ridge of roof to side and rear extension

18/2310/TRE Meadowgate West Hill Road EX11 1UZ Tree works to 5 beech trees

18/2252/TRE Rose Ash 9 Brackendown EX11 1NT Rose Ash 9 Brackendown West Hill Ottery St Mary EX11 1NT >T1 Oak:- Reduce crown by up to 25% and dead wood.

18/1996/FUL Babbling Brook Lower Broad Oak Road EX11 1XQ Conversion of barn to a dwelling replacement of pole barn with an annex, change of use of land to garden, construction of tree house and pond and terracing of the garden.

18/2122/TRE 14 Perrys Gardens EX11 1XA  T1 - leaning oak tree: reduce height by 30% (of crown) - Max: diameter cuts of 12cm Shorten all laterals by up to 20% to leave a balanced form - max diameter cuts of 8-10cm Target pruning cuts made leaving parent branch over 3 times diameter of cut size.

18/2119/TRE 14 Warren Park EX11 1TN  T1 Beech - fell because of excessive shading and low amenity value and limited life.

18/2049/PDQ The Pygthle Lower Broad Oak Road EX11 1XQ  >Prior approval for proposed change of use of agricultural building (Feed Store) to form 1 no. dwelling (class C3) and associated operational development

18/2026/VAR Site Of The Star And Shenne West Hill Road Variation of condition 2 (approved plans) of reserved matters approval 17/3050/RES (demolition of two bungalows and construction of three dwellings) to reposition all three dwellings, enlarge unit 3 and change its internal layout and remove two additional trees on plot 2

18/2039/TRE West Hayes West Hill Road EX11 1UZ >Maple (T1) - cut back to remove branches touching wall and roof of main property. Conifer (T2) - cut back to remove branches touching wall and roof of annexe property

18/1960/FUL Little Stockleigh West Hill  EX11 1UX Conversion of existing attached garage into additional habitable accommodation together with construction of single storey extension with new pitched roof above

18/1933/CPL Meadowgate West Hill Road EX11 1UZ Certificate of lawful development to confirm that the west elevation of the dwelling is the principle elevation to enable the construction of 2 no. conservatories and a detached garage as permitted development

18/1972/TRE  Touch Wood 3 Hylands Close Higher Broad Oak Road EX11 1XJ   1) Crown thin by 20% to allow more light through the canopy and crown and avoid excessive shading of back garden. 2) crown lift to 5m above devon bank.

18/1883/FUL 15 Hayes End EX11 1GG Construction of single storey extension and extension to garage

18/1807/TRE Foylings Ford Lane EX11 1XE Laurels - reduce to 2m high, Holly - reduction to gain statutory clearance of the street light

18/1721/FUL Meadowgate West Hill Road EX11 1UZ >Re-built single garage and alterations to access/driveway (partly retrospective)

18/1734/FUL 12 Heather Grange EX11 1XZ Construction of single storey rear and side extension

18/1713/FUL Oak Lodge Higher Broad Oak Road  EX11 1XD >Construction of single storey front extension and wall to create courtyard

18/1606/FUL 4 Courtfield Close Ottery St Mary EX11 1UT Construction of hip-to-gable extension and rear dormer window

18/1600/RES Land At The Gap Lower Broad Oak Road EX11 1UD >Construction of 1no single storey dwelling (application for reserved matters seeking approval of layout, scale, appearance and landscape pursuant to application 17/0523/OUT)

18/1536/CPE Merrybrook Toadpit Lane EX11 1TR  Certificate of lawfulness to establish a material start has commenced on application 18/0603/VAR for the construction of dwelling house within the time limit specified in Condition 1 of that permission.

18/1481/FUL Parsonage House Bendarroch Road EX11 1UR >Retention of glazed balustrade to first floor

18/1416/FUL Babbling Brook Lower Broad Oak Road EX11 1XQ External works to barn to facilitate permitted conversion to dwelling, including infill extension, porch, external cladding, roof alterations and flue

18/1387/FUL 2A Hillside Bendarroch Road EX11 1TT >Provision of off street parking.

18/1397/TRE  Babbling Brook Lower Broad Oak Road EX11 1XQ OAK tree (numbered as NO-4 on the attached drawing and provided documents) to be felled to allow the mains services connections to be constructed to the new dwelling.

18/1145/TRE  Flat 7 Elsdon House Elsdon EX11 1UA Silvicultural thinning to remove up to 30% canopy cover. Coniferous species to maintain deciduous species

18/1149/FUL  Pinegrove Lower Broad Oak Road  EX11 1XQ  Construction of detached garage.

18/1064/FUL Potters Country Market West Hill Road EX11 1TY  >Demolition of the existing single storey buildings at the rear, erection of rear and roof level extensions to facilitate the introduction of 8 x 2 bedroom apartments, retention of ground floor shop, estate agents and cafe and dedicated vehicle parking and servicing

18/1048/OUT The Reddings Higher Broad Oak Road  EX11 1XJ  Construction of single storey dwelling and garage and associated external works (outline application with all matters reserved)

18/1034/FUL Parsonage House (Rucel) Bendarroch Road EX11 1UR  Construction of detached garage (revised scheme to 17/2608/FUL)

18/0996/FUL Lower Church Mead Toadpit Lane EX11 1TR  Alterations to playroom/home office to form under cover campervan store and annexe (revised scheme to 17/3052/FUL)

18/0892/TRE The Zephyrs Elsdon Lane EX11 1TZ Large Pine located on the boundary with West Hill Road overhanging electricity cables and the roadway. The tree has only a handful of branches and is top heavy. Propose to fell and re-plant if required.

18/0886/TRE 8 Warren Park  EX11 1TN T1 - Juniper - Fell due to considerable lean toward the property. To replant with a smaller ornamental tree such as Cherry or Maple. Species to be agreed prior to planting.

18/0859/PDQ Babbling Brook Lower Broad Oak Road  EX11 1XQ Prior approval for conversion of agricultural building to 1 no dwelling (use class C3)

18/0802/FUL Pentafield West Hill Road  EX11 1TU Construction of single storey side and rear extension to provide annexe.

18/0810/FUL Stones House Lower Broad Oak Road  EX11 1XH Construction of two storey side extension (revised scheme to 17/1822/FUL)

18/0678/FUL 17 Moorlands  EX11 1UL Cement rendering of all brickwork on each elevation and painted white

18/0603/VAR Site Of Little Field Toadpit Lane  EX11 1TR >Variation of Conditions 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 of planning permission 17/1321/VAR (detached dwelling) to raise the floor level by 0.5m, reduce the paved area and discharge conditions relating to materials, trees and landscaping

18/0588/FUL The Octave West Hill Road EX11 1TU Construction of first floor extension to front, alterations to roof covering and installation of cladding

18/0589/FUL Perrimead Hawkins Lane EX11 1XG Alterations to roof and construction of dormer window to provide first floor accommodation and construction of balcony to rear.

18/0556/VAR The Linhay (formerly Part Of Barnside) West Hill Road EX11 1TU Variation of Condition 4 (obscure glazing of windows) of planning permission 17/2988/VAR to omit rooflights from requirement to be obscure glazed and fixed shut, and to allow top hung openings only in the first floor window in the south east elevation

18/0308/FUL W I Hall And Adjacent Land At West Hill Road Demolition of WI hall and construction of 3 no. dwellings

18/0494/TRE Cherry Garth, Elsdon Lane, EX11 1TZ T1, Beech: Reduce height by approx. 3-4 metres and reduce crown spread
by approximately 2-3 metres. Existing height 22-24 metres. Existing spread
N-S 19 metres, E-W 19 metres. Maximum diameter cuts 100 mm.

18/0496/FUL Downalong, Higher Metcombe, EX11 1SL Raising the roof to allow the addition of a new first floor, and remodelling of the external elevations

18/0318/FUL Lowena, Lowena Lane, EX11 1JU  Single storey side extension and two storey front extension

18/0279/FUL 4 Eastfield, EX11 1XN  Construction of single storey front extension and two storey rear extension

18/0118/TRE  1 Oak Tree Gardens, EX11 1FR Tree 1 - sycamore - Remove lowest branch NE and lowest branch E at 5m. Tree 2 - Sycamore - Remove lowest branch NE (with squirrel damage at base), Tree 3 - Sycamore - No action, Tree 4 - Sycamore - Fell

18/0070/TRE  West Hayes, West Hill Road, EX11 1UZ  Fell G6 Lawson cypress & replace

18/0008/FUL  Shepherds Cottage, Bendarroch Road,  EX11 1UW  Construction of detached carport

17/3052/FUL Lower Church Mead, Toadpit Lane,  EX11 1TR  Alterations to playroom / home office and formation of undercover campervan store

17/3050/RES Land Between The Star And Shenne, West Hill Road,  Demolition of 2no existing bungalows (The Star and Shenne) and construction of 3no new dwellings

18/0015/PDQ Babbling Brook, Lower Broad Oak Road, EX11 1XQ Prior approval for proposed change of use of agricultural building to form 1 no. dwelling and granny annexe (use class C3) and associated operational development under class Q (a) and Q (b)

17/2670/TRE 16 Warren Park, EX11 1TN T1, T2, T4, T5, T6 & T7, Oak: Crown lift and 15% thinning. No branch thicker than 50mm in diameter or 2m in length will be removed. T3, Beech: 4.5m crown lift.T8, Willow: Coppice

17/2969/TRE 14 Ashley Brake, EX11 1TW, T1 Poplar - To fell due to signs of stress within the crown and a weak union with included bark present at the main fork - To replant with one English Oak 150cm feathered whip

17/2988/VAR Barnside ,West Hill Road, EX11 1TU Variation of condition 2 (plans condition) 5 (obscure glazing) and 6 (access details) of planning permission 16/0618/FUL to allow changes to layout

17/2952/TRE Babbling Brook, Lower Broad Oak Road, EX11 1XQ Various works - see attached document

17/2786/FUL Woodlee, West Hill Road, EX11 1TY Re-modelling of existing bungalow with the addition of a new first floor, demolition of front gable and addition of single storey side extension containing garage and utility

17/2787/TRE Hawkins Cottage, Hawkins Lane, EX11 1XG T1 Oak (closest to house): Reduce via thinning western side of tree by removing 2m branch sections to reduce lateral spread by 1 - 1.5m making pruning cuts up to 50mm in diameter T2 & T3 Oaks: Fell

17/2757/FUL 1 Eymore Drive, EX11 1UN Construction of two storey side extension

17/2623/TRE Pine Bank, Warren Close, EX11 1XB Amended Application 3 x Pines (marked on map T1, T2, T3) and replant - works are on poor health of the trees

17/2608/FUL Rucel Bendarroch Road West Hill Ottery St Mary EX11 1UR Detached garage (alternative to garage approved under reference 16/1276/FUL)